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Select Grade - ALD-440

Size: 25x31mm

Weight: 5.75 gr.

Tree hopper, fairly fly.

Fossil Insects in Amber All of these specimens are natural, untreated amber with at least one insect. 20 to 30 millions years ago in what is now the Dominican Republic, these insects were trapped in the sticky resin of the extinct Hymenaea protera, a leguminous flowering evergreen tree closely related to the present-day Algarrobo.

We have listed the primary insects in each piece to the best of our ability. A 10X loupe will greatly enhance visibility; a binocular microscope will pull you right into the golden, frozen past. You may find biota we've missed. Maybe you will discern species or even discover a new one.

Amber is a delicate, organic gem material; treat it carefully. Avoid strong sunlight and arid conditions.